Background in a nutshell: My business partner decided that he was no longer interested in the business and offered me his 50% shares at a ridiculous price I could not afford to pay, as the agreement was that I had first option to buy the remainder of the shares.  He then gave the shares to a family member as a substitute for pension.  Soon the partnership with the new partner started to become very unpleasant very quickly as she started making her own rules and the company book keeping was done by herself and figures were no longer made available to me and I had basically no control of what was going on in my own business.

After starting to lose a lot of money very quickly I considered selling my business, but my new partner claimed she didn’t have the money to buy me out and refused to sell her shares to me.  I consulted various lawyers in a period of 12 months and paid a lot of legal fees but at the end of the day it seemed like the lawyers only played for time and made money out of me.

Finally, I consulted a Labour Law consultant who referred me to Bernice de Beer Attorneys. With our first meeting my first impression of Bernice was that she seemed very confident and determined to help me, however she seemed a bit young at age thus I thought she might be a little less experienced.  Boy was I wrong.  Within 3 days of hearing my story, Bernice sent the first letter to my business partner requesting an audit on the books of which my business partner refused.  Bernice immediately arranged a meeting with an advocate in order to go to court and dissolve the Close Corporation and also have a forensic audit done on the books to establish its true value.  My business partner then decided that she was not willing to have this done and decided to make me an offer of buying out my shares.  Within 6 weeks Bernice resolved my problem and her account was not even a fraction of what the great experienced lawyers charged me and who was not even able to assist me.

Throughout the time of being Bernice’s client she was in contact with me via mails / phone calls / WhatsApp messages, keeping me up to date 24/7.  She managed to end my nightmare in record time, and within one month I managed to run a new established business with a lot of satisfied clients.  Bernice managed to turn my life around within less than 2 months.

Sifiso Sibiya -testimony

I had a civil case that was dragging on for years. My previous lawyers advised me to settle out of court; something which I refused. I was starting to lose hope until I was referred to Bernice de Beer Attorneys. They took on my case and made sure the case was heard in court. Bernice fought a good fight with sound facts and we won the case. Thanks to BDB Attorneys a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders.