On 1 May 2019 South Africa will again be celebrating Worker’s Day together with about 80 other countries with the exception of the United States. This year also marks South Africa’s 25th celebration of Worker’s Day, following the 1994 elections. South Africa’s mining industry’s history and the development of strong Trade Unions and communist ideologies has largely determined the country’s labour history and the workers’ struggle.

Debt Counselling is not administration. It is also not insolvency. It is restructuring one's debt to make the payments more affordable. It is cost effective and can be completed within 5 years. All costs are profile dependant and are regulated by the NCR fee guidelines.

So, let's have a look at and discuss what an eviction is and who may be evicted.

In terms of PIE the term "evict" means to deprive a person of occupation of a building or structure, or the land on which such a building or structure is erected, against his or her will and the term "eviction" has a corresponding meaning.